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Mossman is a world-wide company delivering the most Reliable and Promising HFC Transmission Equipment. Mossman’s R&D experts and Marketing professionals has been proved that they have created the “tomorrow” technology applying in our 1310/1550nm Optical Transmitter, Receiver, Full feature Power supply with element network management capability, AM Node and Robotics Main Line Passive , High quality Coaxial Cable, Accurate Testing Measuring Equipment etc. In the year of 2001-2, Mossman has signed up more manufacturing/partnership agreement with several giant CATV components manufacturing company. Brightening up the HFC world by offering our highest quality end to end solution is always our will; delivering the most reliable HFC network by providing our advanced optical equipment is our goal. Not only providing equipment to the industry, Mossman has also set up a consultation team who can serve you in the following areas: Network Design with optimistic solution; Network Installation consultation; Network Performance evaluation; CATV Philosophy study training; We are always here to provide all kind of support to distributors/end user via our office or our partnership office. We look forward for strong engineering background distributor to join us in different countries all across the world. Thank you for your interest in MOSSMAN!......   MORE>>
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